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About the Photographer

Hi, my name is Isaiah Everett! I'm a 26 year old Los Angeles born and raised photographer who currently resides in LA. I graduated from Santa Clara University in 2018 with a B.S. in mathematics, and I work as a Premier Support Consultant at Adobe; however, to be honest with you, I'm just a kid with a big head and big dreams. My goal for my art and my photography is to make people smile, to make people wonder, to make people question, to make people feel, and, most importantly, to inspire.

My motto is a play on my initials, I.C.E. (pretty dope initials, right 😂). The motto is "Be Inspirational, Be Creative, Be You" (aka Be ICY). To me, every individual is unique in their own special way. So, I challenge people to express their uniqueness by being willing to be themselves. Stay confident, believe in yourself, and stay true to you.

One of the key ways I express myself is through self-portraiture and photo manipulation. Self-portraits are a great form of self-expression to display one's creative freedom. With my dad being a professional photographer, I grew up around cameras, and I have always enjoyed having my pic taken just as much as I enjoy capturing the world around me. Henry David Thoreau once said, "This world is but a canvas to our imagination." Well...welcome to mine!

Keep scrolling down to checkout some articles about me as well as some of my self-portrait and digital art projects, and head to Zai's Photo Shop to cop you some prints or apparel. Also, to stay updated with who I am, follow @theisaiaheverett or @isaiaheverettphotography on Instagram. And for bookings or to contact the photographer, please direct yourself to the "Bookings" page. Thank you so much for visiting Isaiah Everett Photography, and have a blessed day!

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