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I am the stone that the builder refused

I am the visual, the inspiration

That made the lady sing the blues.

I'm the spark that makes your idea bright

The same spark that lights the dark

So that you can know your left from your right.

I am the ballot in the box, the bullet in the gun

The inner glow that lets you know to call your brother son

The story that just begun, a promise of what's to come

And I'mma remain a soldier till the war is won.


This group of collages was a special project for MLK Day and Black History Month 2019. Each image in this collage represents a different aspect of black culture and history. If you look closely at each individual pic, you'll notice that in the background of the collage, it very subtly says "BLACK LIVES MATTER." These images are meant to show a sense of pride of black lives and to encourage everybody to be proud of their respective heritage, culture, and background, but to be respectful of others and their communities as well. These images are a celebration of the many ways black Americans and people of the African diaspora have overcome many trials and tribulations and have proven to be major influencers and contributors throughout society!

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